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Geography Standards


Arizona State University


Standard Five - The US-Mexican borderlands are considered a formal region. Land on either side of the border has its' own established language and government.

Standard One - I was intrigued by this map's interpretation of the United States, where its' states' populations are made proportional to the corresponding physical land mass. I was surprised that Ohio's population was actually that large. Reddit Username, Alexthedinosaur. (2014, Sep. 25). What If Every State's Population Matched Its Physical Size? Retrieved

Standard Six - I come from a European-American ethnic background. My family has lived here for at least four and five generations. We are of the Christian religion - my parents are protestant and I am Mormon.

Standard Eleven - The illegal drug trade routes stem from the base of the continent - Mexico - and move north through highways towards every major city in the United States. Retrieved from

Standard Twelve - The twin cities of Nogales in Mexico and the US have remained an active and vibrant border town for its entire history, despite its' division into two countries! This represents the strength of the human spirit and loyalty to one's roots.Retrieved from

Standard Seven - It is believed the Superstition Mountain range was formed by a physical process from an ancient volcano.

Standard Three - The number of migrant deaths are substantially higher closer to the border, and lesson gradually as you reach the Phoenix metropolitan area. If you get past the first 50 miles from the border, you have a much better chance of surviving.Humane Borders. Recorded Migrant Deaths. (2007, January 1). Retrieved September 27, 2014, from

Standard Two - Below is a mental map of my job. It notes the various locations of racks of merchandise I am responsible for maintaining stock of.

Standard Four - The divide here among urban populations shows rural Tijuana and urban San Diego. The disparities of underdeveloped and overdeveloped cities, and the sparseness of one and the excess of another so close to one another caused me to reflect deeper on this issue. Retrievd from

Standard Ten - This picture portrays a Mexican family and their average week of food supply! Retrieved from

Standard Eighteen - We can use geogrpaphy to help us now and in the future. We can map our ecosystems, wildlife, our cities and communities, and better predict how to help them thrive in the future based on what we have already discoverd.

Standard Seventeen - History sure is fascinating, and we wouldn’t have a lot of it without geography. I am interested in learning about how people lived, what their daily lives were like, which factors contributed to their decisions about living, learning, moving, cooperating, and war, and what their connection to humanity was.

Standard Thirteen - The United States and Mexican governments are working hard at solving problems like gang drug trafficking and creating reforms which build stronger communities. This US government document was found at

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