Geography Standards

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Geography Standards

Geography Standards

Standard 1 : Maps & Other Geographic Representation --> Current map of US and Mexico Borders.Standard 5 : Regional Geography, People create Regions to interpret Earths ComplexityFocusing in on the borders, there are 3 types that define the area. The "Formal Region", is the blue depicted line nased on the national lining. The "Functional Region" is the AZ State border, since it is the most focused in on for our state. The "Perceptual Region" is again the blue international lining, because that is where the US and Mexico.

Standard 2 : Mental MapsHere is a mental map of how I would cross across the borderline into Mexico.

Standard 4: Physical & Human Characteristics of Places.The vast difference between the open desert and the towns people inhabit.

Standard 6: Culture & ExperienceGreetings, My Name is Tina! I am a born & raised arizonanwho has seen the are grow through its ups & downs. As a Hispanic I am able to embrace both cultures and whatbetter place to do so than in AZ where it is so close to mexico.

Standard 7: The physical ProcessAlong the borderlands are divits inwhich where there use to be rivers& lakes. it now creates the hills &valleys of the region.

Standard 8 Ecoregions:Map depicting various regionsof deserts & mountains onborderlands.

Standard 9: PopulationCurrent map of the hispanic population in the U.S.

Standard 10: Mix of CulturesIn AZ both cultures are oftenembraced. Here is a depictionof local folklorical dancers.

Standard 11: NetworksTextiles from Mexico area major source for crosscooporation between the countries.

Standard 12: Settlements Nogalez AZ & Mexico

Standard 13: PoliticsThere is a balance in cooperation & conflict when there is a miscommunication in food trade. Mot recently the Tomato trades.

Standard 14: Human ActionsWhat was once a picturesque desert is now marred by the fences.

Standard 15 Physical SystemThe search for a better life doesn't result in a good outcome. Here is a makeshift gravestone marker of an immigrant that didn't survive the trip.

Standard 18: The Future:Mapping out a potential school district for future work purposes.

Standard 16: SystemsNatural Systems are a must for both regions. Map of transport routes to gain access to natural resources.

Standard 17: The PastView of 1895 Maricopa County. HOW DIFFERENT!


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