Geography standards of the borderlands

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Geography standards of the borderlands

Geography standardsby Mi Ngo

I was born in Oregon but my race is Vietnamese. Oregon was definitely a beautiful place, but I'm currently living in Arizona. There are many border towns where people make pit stops at before crossing to either the U.S. or to Mexico. Nogales is a popular border town. I personally think that they're hardworking and are willing to sacrifice their lives for their families. I don't see that as a bad stereotype.

Source: map is useful for this topic because it talks about the climate in each region of the Mexico- U.S. border, like whether the area is a desert, a plain or a forrest type of environment.

Source: wanted to see which parts of Mexico had the most homicides, meaning which states were the most dangerous. I know deaths occur near the border every day so out of the states touching the U.S, I wanted to see which state had the highest deaths. I think it would be important for people to know routes into the least dangerous state. Judging from this map, the most dangerous state in 2012 was Chihuahua, with the rate of 77 people per 100,000 people being killed. So the best bet when going to Mexico, was to go through Sonora because the rate there was 15-30 people per 100,000.

Standard 6: My own cultural perceptions

Standard 2: My mental map from U.S. to Mexico

I wanted to see how people would cross the border legally first. So I The most typical way to entering Mexico is through Nogales. As you can see from the screenshot I took, Nogales is the most well known spot to go fro Arizona to Mexico. But when thinking of crossing illegally, it would be hard to do so because there would be a high amount of border patrol guards at popular places. So I would take my time and go through Lukeville, Arizona. It seemed really empty compared to Nogales. So there wouldn't be as much security as Nogales and other major border towns. So from ASU West, I would the I-10 and go down the Gila River until I reach Lukeville. But instead of going through Border patrol, I'll nonchalantly go further down to a spot with no border patrol by taking this road here.

Standard 4: Physical and Human Characteristics of PlacesSource: picture contains part of the Latino culture and how many countries are united in that flag. The people are in the U.S.

I personally think that the borderlands of the U.S. and Mexico is all three types of the regions. The borderlands is a formal region because most of the people living in them speak the same language, either Spanish, English, or both. The fact that they can communicate with each other is proof that it's a formal region. Also, many Hispanics/Latinos tend to be Catholic or Christian so that would be another characteristic.The borderlands is a functional region because people from both the U.S. and Mexico will use those cities as a way to cross over to the other side, legal or illegal. It's convenient for them because there are different roads and routes they can take that are safe. Finally, the borderlands is a perceptual region because the people there may be treated differently by others. The people might all share a similar opinion towards the people that jump the border or the border patrol officers.

Standard 5: What region is the U.S./Mexico borderlands?

Standard 3: Interpreting geographic patterns

Standard 7: Physical Processes Source: Google Earth, Pernnial Stream

Standard 1: Map of the U.S./Mexico Borderlands

Standard 9: Population Geography, Source: National Geographic

Source:'ve seen this traditional clothing at dances from my high school by the Hispanic Club. The dresses are colorful and pretty. I admire girls that dance and spin so well while wearing those dresses.

Standard 10: Cultural Mosaics

Standard 11: Economic Independence

Standard 12: Human settlementMany people travel from Douglas, Arizona to Agua Prieta, Mexico. Some people are scared of traveling this way because it can be dangerous due to drug cartels, however, it seems to be one of the easiest routes to arrive to Mexico.

Source: Google Earth. This shot represents Naco, Arizona and south of that town is Mexico. (A). The land that's been modified for entertainment. This golf course required construction workers with heavy machinery. It also means that the animals that lived in this area had to find another habitat. (B). Road construction throughout Arizona. Road construction is always needed to improve freeways and roads and such for the people but it has always impacted wildlife negatively as it disrupts the natural way of life. (C.) The division of two countries. Because this border was built to divide Mexico and the U.S. the animals that used to live there prior to the building of the border have to maneuver their way across the border, despite being able to roam freely before. It became an inconvenience to them and they also have to migrate since the area they live in is so small now, thanks to that human interaction.

Standard 14: How human interaction modfies the environment

Source: normally get taxis to get around in Mexico because driving in Mexico can be dangerous (drivers are really reckless) . It's also very popular to take when people cross the border or arrive from the airport. The more passengers there are in the cab, the less the fare.

Standard 13: Cooperation and ConflictSource: Obama and President Nieto addressed climate change. This website claims that the two countries launched a bilateral clean energy and climate policy to ensure that there will be regulatory coordination in areas like clean electricity and more fuel efficient automobile fleets

Standard 15: physical systems affect human systems

Source: Google Earth (Red). Because the sun is very abundant in Nevada, the airforce base wanted to obtain that solar energy by having many solar panels. (Blue) Summit View High school is able to use that energy as well as they're right next to all of those solar panels. By having those solar panels, both the school and the airforce base are saving money and gas.

Standard 16: importance of resources

Standard 15: importance of resourcesSource: Gradeify, Spring Creek, AZ

Standard 8: spatial distribution of ecosystemsSource: Google Earth, Sedona

Standard 15: iHow physical systems affect human sysemsSource: Gradeify, Spring Creek, AZ

Standard 17: Using geography to interpret the past. The two top reasons why there was more settlement in the 1950's in southern Arizona is because of mining and agricultural communities.

Standard 18: Using geography to intepret the future, Because Sweetwater Elementary is close to ASU West, where I currently attend, it's convenient for me to just walk or bike my way to campus rather than drive. It's a very nice school as I've been there before for my internship.


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