Geography Standards GCU113

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Geography Standards GCU113

Standard 1: This focus was to search and a find a map of the US Mexico borderlands

Stnadard 2: This standard was to make a mental map. I made a mental map of my communte from home to school everyday.

Standard 3: To interpret a geographic pattern. This map shows the percentage of Mexican born. The border states have a high percentage of mexican born.

Standard 4: For this standard we focused on both human and physical geography near the US-Mexico borderlands

Standard 5: This was an explaination of the type of region the borderlands were. This area is a formal region because the area has many similar characteristics throughout such as climate, landforms, language, culture, and plant and animals species. However, there are some characteristics that are not common throughout the area such as laws and certain rights that a person has. But for the most part, the U.S. Mexico borderlands are a formal region.

Standard 6: My own culutral perceptions. I am an American and a native Arizonan, so I consider myself somewhat knowlegeable when it comes to aspects about the borderlands. Those living there tend to be of Hispanic hertiage and there are many hot politicall topics currently discussing immigration between the two countries.

Satndard 9: This was about population geography. This map shows that there are large groups of populations near the US Mexico borderlands.

Standard 10: This standard focussed on culture near the borderlands. The culture is heavily influenced by Spanish beliefs, language, food, and customs.

Standard 11: For this we discussed how the US and Mexico are economivally interdependent with one another. This shows a map of some of the US auto manufacutring companies in Mexico and the US

Standard 12: This standard focussed on human settlement. This picture shows part of the setllemtn of Jerome, AZ, a very historical town great for tourists.

Standard 13: This standard talked about cooperation and conflict. I focused on cooperation and mentioned how both countries are aiding in protcting wildlife and doing more for the security of both countries.

Standard 14: This standard talked about human modification of the environment. Here shows the Central AZ Canal Project and points out how humans have changed the environment by this.

Standard 15: This photo shows a picture of a flood in Arizona. INthis standard we talk about how the environment affects human systems and mainly focused on flood in Arizona.

Satndard 16: In this standard we talked about resources, especially resources near the borderlands. This shows agriculture and the benfits of it near the borderlands.

Standard 18: Here we talked about how to plan for the future. We searched for different schools and how the schools and area might affect us if we ever worked there.

Satndard 17: Here we talked how we can use geography to interpret the past. I talked about minerals and the mining boom that created settlement.

Standard 7: This standard discussed physical processes. This was of a stream terrace in Arizona

Standard 8: Here we discussed cosystems. This is an ecosystem in Sedona. AZ.

Geography Standards


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