Geography Project

by rmetaj
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Geography Project

Glogster Project


1. Create a Glog that shows what you learned about how geography affects a culture.

2. What do you want people to understand about your topic?

3. What facts about your topic will you include?

4. What types of pictures will you include?

5. What kinds of sound clips?

6. What kind of video clips will you use?

7. What graphics will you use?

8. Create a rough draft on paper.

Items to include:* At least one video link* At least six pieces of text information on your topic* At least 4 pictures*All pictures hyperlinked to another website on your topic*Correct spelling* Everything on topic

How to lose points:*Misspells*Missing items*Off topic*Incorrect information

Presentation?Yes you will present your Glog.Your Social Studies Teachers will be invited to view your Glogs too.Any questions?

Be sure to include examples of the effects of:ClimateTopographyNatural Resources


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