Geography Project - Tundra Natural Vegetation (by miniichocox)

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Geography Project - Tundra Natural Vegetation (by miniichocox)

-No tress grow in tundra.-Plants have small leaves to limit the loss of water through transpiration.-Plants tend to be small and compact,growing very close to the ground to protect themselves from strong winds.

Climate and DistributionGround permanently forzen,except during summer when temperature is slightly above 0degrees celsius.Summer lasts for only 2-4 months in the year.Cold tundras are located near north and south poles, and in high mountain regions.

Characteries of Cold Tundra Vegetation

Geography Project - Tundra Natural Vegetion.


Cold Tundras

Tundra Natual Vegetion? -It is like a desert when it comes to precitipation. Only about 6-10 inches of precipitation (mostly snow) fall each year.Below the soil is the tundra's permafrost,a permanently frozen layer of earth.

CHARACTERIES OF COLD TUNDRA VEGETATION.- Energy and nutrients in the form of dead organic material

- Extremely cold climate- Low biotic diversity- Simple Vegetation structure- Short season of growth and reproduction

Done by : Nicole (27) and Jia YI (18)




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