Geography of the Borderlands

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Geography of the Borderlands

Geography of the Borderlandsby: Carly Montanez

Standard 1 focus: Map of US- Mexico borderlands; mapusing data, etc. to give information

Standard 2 focus: Mental map of a route to go into Mexico avoiding border control (drawn by Carly Montanez)

Standard 3 focus: It is clear that Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas have the highest percentage of foreign born people being Mexico born people. The northeast has a low number of 15% of Mexico born out of their foreign born people. The rest of the states range from 15-49 percent. Around the Mexican border the numbers are high. I am not sure why Idaho's numbers are so high though.

Standard 4 focus: On the Arizona-Mexico border, there has been growth in population. The map is clear and easy to understand.

Standard 6 focus: My family on my father's side is hispanic. My grandpa is from Mexico and my grandma is from Spain. I think that people living along the borderlands are probably Mexican. I think that there might be a lot of low-income areas.

Standard 5 focus: I believe that the U.S and Mexico borderlands are a formal region. A formal region is decided by having common human property. The borderlands share traits with eachother that geographers are able to measure. I don't believe that this area is a region based on functionality. There is no common highway or freeway that runs through them, there are no common airports, etc. I also do not think that this region is based on perception. I think that this region has too much evidence to be just percepted as a region.

Standard 8 focus: This map shows the ecological regions and shows the different deserts.

Standard 7 focus: Google earth image of the mountain range and border

Standard 9 focus: This shows the population and how around the border, there are mostly low population rates.

Standard 11 focus:The two are tied together in economy, and they actually depend on each other for a lot. For example, they both gain from traded goods.

Standard 10 focus: This image shows hispanic entertainers and their outfits. It shows how different and traditional they dress.Enchiladas are my favorite food and are a very traditional dish for the borderlands.

Standard 13 focus: Mexico & the United States went to war over over a huge amount of land.

Standard 12 focus: In Arizona, there are different types of settlements, like mining and agriculture. There are cities built along the border and are apart of trade routes by at the U.S. and Mexico border.

Standard 14 focus: the fence is a man made thing that covers a very wide area along the border.

Standard 17 focus: Settlement in Arizona started long before Arizona was considered Arizona. A Hopi Indian village called Oraibi, a Hopi is the oldest settlement in the United States, and they settled in Arizona in around 1150 AD.

Standard 15 focus: the dry and hot climateeffects the people in the area.

Standard 16 focus: Mining is a huge resource in the borderlands that people gain from.

Standard 18 focus: A google maps screenshot I took to show an elementary school in Fountain Hills that I would accept a postition at given just the geographical location.



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