Geography of the Borderlands

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Geography of the Borderlands

Standard 8 Focus: Ecosystems

Geography of the BorderlandsBy: Lindsay Fischer

Standard 1 Focus: Maps and Other Georaphic Representations - Map of English Language Learners

New to english (2001, August 27).Retreived from:

Standard 3 Focus: Analyzing Spatial Organizations - Mexican Born Percentage

Standard 2 Focus: My Mental Map to School (drawn by Lindsay Fischer)

Standard 4 Focus: Physical and Human Characteristics of Places - Tijuana Decorations and Border Patrol

Migration policy institute. (2006). American community survey. Retrieved from:

Standard 5 Focus: Regional Geography

The Mexican borderlands is a functional region because of the similar landscape and culture of the area. It also lacks a definite borderlines.

Standard 6 Focus: Perceptions of People and Places

My perception of the people around the Mexican borderland involves stereotypes, like most people. But, mostly I just see a culturally rich area.

Standard 7 Focus: Physical Processes

Both captured using Google Maps

The desert landscape of the Mexican borderlands does not include much plant life and only some animals acclimated to the climate can survive. It is all part of the Sonoran Desert. Image from Google Maps.

Standard 9 Focus: Population Geography

Made on Map Maker on

Standard 10 Focus: Cultural Mosaics

The people of this area share many cultural values, but there is also strong opposition between the two countries.

Standard 11 Focus:Patterns And Networks of Economic Interdependence on Earth's Surface -Current Employment Trends

Standard 12 Focus: Human Settlement

Many cities of the borderlands are all about embracing two cultures. The reason many came to AZ was for opportunity in mining.

Standard 13 Focus: Cooperation and Conflict

The U.S. and Mexico cooperate to protect and preserve the environment.

Standard 14 Focus: Humans Modify the Environment

Standard 15 Focus: How Physical Systems Affect Humans

Flash floods can be extremely dangerous!

Standard 16 Focus: Resource Geography

Image from Google Maps

Standard 17 Focus: Apply Geography to Interpret the Past

Arizona was settled in because of the abundance of mining opportunity. Map from

Standard 18 Focus: Apply Geography to Plan for the Future

City planning around Copper Creek Elementary School included a park, hiking area and many neighborhoods. Image from Google Maps.


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