Geography of the Borderlands

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Geography of the Borderlands

Geography of the Borderlandsby Mabbey Avila

Standard 4: A region has a mix of characteristics that make a region unique. Some of the characteristics involve the natural environment and other characteristics involve what people have done to the borderlands (human geography).

Standard 1: Map of United States and Mexico Borderlands.

Standard 10: Different aspects of culture in the borderlands, as represented in images

Standard 15: Letter to parents on how to teach their children more about monsoons.

Standard 16: Using skills that we learned in making screen captures and annotating the imagery, we some observations. Involved examining satellite imagery or aerial photography for evidence of how people harness the land's resources.

Standard 5: The borderlands of the U.S. and Mexico are considered part of a formal region. Formal regions would include regions in which geographers draw regions that help distinguish them from the surrounding areas. Such traits can range from characteristics of the local population as language, income, or religion to physical characteristics like elevation or climate.

Standard 9: Map shows that the state is more populated in the South than it is up North. It also shows that the most popualted area is in the middle as opposed to the sides.

Standard 13: List of cooperation between the United States and Mexico.

Standard 12: List of city government websites of five towns or cities along the border with information about that settlement.

Standard 11: Patterns and networks of economic interdependence between the United States and Mexico

Standard 14: Examining how we modify the environment through the use of satellite imagery or aerial photography.

Standard 6: This standard was based on finding out what the stereotypes on the border and see where each student stands on this topic.

Standard 3: Map shows that Southern states have more Mexican-American born than any other foriegn born. reason being, they are the states on the border.Idaho is also among the list even though it is not close to the border.


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