Geography of the Borderlands

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Geography of the Borderlands

Standard 16:

Standard 11:

A certain place can have a great effect on the people as well. This hurricane is forcing boats out of the water and causing great distruction. It can cause damage, loss of items or home; it can also cause people to lose their lives. Each environmental change can have an effect of the current population. Source:

Standard 15:

Standard 4:

Standard 17:

Standard 3:

This is Miguel's ore mine located in Tepalcatepec. This is obviously causong damage to the surrounding environment. Because humans want to harvest ore, the local environment could suffer from erosion, disturbance for local plants and animals, and loss of soil productivity due to the digging. Humans have a great impact on the space around them.

Standard 14:

This shows the amounts of oil produced in Mexico and it shows how much oil is exported to the U.S. This shows that a good amount is used in Mexico but there is also a good amount exported to the U.S. as well. This is a definite dependency that the U.S. has on Mexico. Source:

Cooperation and conflict: The border has long been a cause for conflict and concern for many Americans who have strong feelings about border control/security, Immigration, and illegal immigrants. It is a cause of conflict because the citizens that feel differently and the ones with concerns create debate and arguement. Source:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/borderwire18n-1-web.jpg

Standard 12:

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Standard 10:

Geography of the Borderlands

Standard 2:

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Standard 7:

Standard 18:

1. A map of Ecological Regions along the U.S.-Mexico Border.Source:

5. It is a perceptual region because so many Americans feel so strongly about the border, or the issues that surround the border, even if they only base their opinions off of the views of the public. So I would believe that not only the “fence” but the border as well serve as a symbol to some people. They hear the news or what others around them say about the border and they then create their own opinion; even though they have not looked further into the subject or issue. Overall I believe that while it has characteristics of other types of borders, the U.S. and Mexico borderlands would be considered as a perceptual border.

Standard 1 & 5:

This is a mind map I drew to get into Mexico. I begin in Nogales, AZ and park in by Kory's and then walk into Nogales, MX.

1) 4 out of the 5 states with over 50% of Mexican born line the border(Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas.) However, there is one state completely separate from the border that has over 50% and that is Idaho.2) Most of the states that run through the middle of the U.S.(horizontally), have a percentage somewhere between 30% and 49%. this suggests an up and outward movement after passing the border, almost a fanning out so to speak.3) Most of the North-Eastern states(New York, Maine, Virginia, and Pennsylvania) have a very low percentage, the percentage being lower than 15%.

Along the border, there are both natural and human characteristics. The photo on the right shows Mexico, it has many shops, buildings and homes. The photo on the left shows the terrain across the border, minus the fence, there is only physical characteristics in this photo. Sources: 1)

I know that my family, and therefore I as well, am German-Irish. However, we do not follow or participate in the traditions/beliefs of that culture. Everyone in my immediate family has been born and raised in Arizona, and brought up to be positive members in our community. I personally am not a religious person and have never attended church or any type of religious services; although, I do believe that there is a greater force or “god”. As a person, I try not to judge or draw conclusions of others; especially conclusions based off the actions of others. I attempt to have an open mind and to learn about different cultures as well as reasoning for others actions. I would say that not all individuals that cross the border are a negative impact on this country. I have known some individuals in the past that were very kind and hard working. While some individuals can and do bring a negative influence into this country, not all do.

There are many physical processes that can cause different patterns along the Border. However, I chose a photo of scientists studying the effects of water released along the border. the release of water will definitely cause some changes of the physical aspects of this region.Source:

The map below shows some of the different ecoregions along the border. Some include Tribal lands, Forests, and Deserts.

At first, I thought that the foregin born populations was simply scattered. However, after i looked more closely I can see the path leading up from the south into the middle of the state. Then it fans out from the center, mostly to the West and Northeastern directions. This may be due to the concentrated population in the center of the state.Source:

Standard 9:

This image shows a couple of men at a pedestrian border crossing stop. there clothing is very similar to clothing you would find and frequently see in the U.S. However, I know that during special holidays and celebrations that they will/may wear traditional attire.Source:

In the past Nogales, Arizona was mainly used as a trade route for the Camino or "The King's Highway". The town still remains heavily populated with buisnesses.Source:

The map below shows different areas along the border that are shared-water resources. When talking about illegal immigration, it has been brought up how dangerous it can be. There are long stretches of deserts and water is an important resource, especially around the border.Source:

There could be many different reasons for settlements in Arizona before 1950, temporary or permanent. For example, in the Trans-Mississippi map depicts some posts, tribes, and battles dating 1860-1890. This met the needs of the people in Arizona during the Indian War. Many of the posts in Arizona are near the border, and there are even some in Mexico. Settlements can change and shift to meet the needs of the present population.Source:

Geography can and often does effect the lives of the population. It can also effects the future of that place. This is an aerial photo of the Mary Mcleod Bethune Elementary school. While there are limited resources around the school, it is surrounded by residential areas. This may ean that there is a high percentage of family involvement. It also gives the opportunity for new recereation centers to be built. The geography of one place may change to better the future of the community.Source:,-112.0931364,252m/data=!3m1!1e3


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