Geography of the Borderlands

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Geography of the Borderlands

Standard 4 The borderland has both physical and human characteristics, such as a discount drug store as well as the presence of endangered wildlife.APA citation:Dell'Amore, C. (2009, April 17). Animals Stopped in Their Tracks by Border Wall? Retrieved February 25, 2015, from, N. (2014, January 16). Mexican Tax Hike Reminds Of Importance Of Mexican Shopper, Border Policies. Retrieved February 25, 2015, from

Standard 3 The distribution of deaths is highest mainly in the middle of the border, around the Sasabe area. It is most dense and full of red dots that represent a death in that location. These spread quite far back into the Tucson area, showing it is not just centralized at the actual border. There are also Water Stations represented by small blue flags around the areas of the highest amounts of migrant deaths.Source: citation:Krasner, C. (2012, April 29). Human Rights Violations. Retrieved February 26, 2015, from

Standard 2 A mental map of my neighborhood walk to the mailbox from my house. Drawn by Rebecca Nelson

Standard 1 Map of US Mexico BorderlandsSource: citation:Becker, A., & Bennion, J. (n.d.). Map: Securing the Border. Retrieved February 25, 2015, from

Geography of the Borderlands by Rebecca Nelson

Standard 5 A formal region is usually formally defined or outlined by governement and is different from it's surrounding areas. If you were to travel away from it, the region would alter or be different from where you just were (unlike a functional region, where you would see many similar attributes and a more gradual change). I believe the borderlands would be a formal region because it is implemented by the government, the wall is there because of the government and was built by them. It is serving a purpose for them and for our country. Also, as you move away from the borderlands, the region changes from the area of a large wall, security, and more back to civilization in Arizona and the other border states quickly.APA citation:Functional Region - Free online Course on World Geography. (n.d.). Retrieved March 4, 2015, from, N. (n.d.). Types of Regions: Formal, Functional & Vernacular. Retrieved March 4, 2015, from

Standard 6I was born and raised in Arizona. I know that the border exists and that it is in place to stop illegal immigration as well as drug smuggling, etc. I know that there is a lot of controversy, as well as debates regarding the border and the many issues that have arisen since before it was built and since it was built. I think I could be more open to different views and hearing other perspectives.

Standard 7 Oblique views from Google Earth of Grand Canyon and SP Crater

Standard 10 There is a mix of cultures present at the borderlands. We in Arizona have many Mexican influences present.Source:

Standard 11 Mexico and the US are economically dependent on each other as seen in the increase of trade, both for imports and exports, between U.S. and Mexico since NAFTA began.APA citation:Sarukhan, A. (n.d.). Can Public Diplomacy Help Bridge the Gap Between Reality and Perceptions? Retrieved March 26, 2015, from

Standard 12 Towns and cities are places where more than half of people live. They have a form and function that is a mix of history and the people who manage and live in a city today. Ajo, Arizona was a mining town from the mid 1800s to 1985.Source:

Standard 13 At the U.S.-Mexico border water resources are shared. The EPA U.S.-Mexico Border Water Infrastructure Program collaboratively works to address public health and environmental issues.APA Citation:U.S.-Mexico Border Water Infrastructure Program. (n.d.). Retrieved March 20, 2015, from

Standard 15 Physical systems do affect people. For example Arizona residents have to learn to deal with things like flash flooding. This aerial photo of Winkleman, AZ shows the Gila River has exceeded its banks and has flooded the part of the town.

Standard 16 One of the main resources along the borderlands is water, there are many rivers we share between Mexico and the US.Source:

Standard 17 Geographicperspectives can help understandthe past. Many mining towns thrived and grew through the resource of many minerals in Arizona. For example, copper in Ajo.Source:

Standard 18 Geography has many uses in the present and future. This elementary school in Gilbert has a great middle-class suburban community and families surrounding it. Many residents and places to go nearby. Use geography to better your school, including those members from another place.Source; Google Earth

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