Geography of the Borderlands

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Geography of the Borderlands

Geography of the Borderlands By: Hannah Edwards

Standard 1: Map of U.S. and Mexico (the borderlands)

Standard 5: The Borderlands between the United States and Mexico is considered a functional region. A functional region, “is organized around a node or focal point, with surrounding areas linked by transportation systems, communication systems, or other associations such as manufac­turing and retail trading,” (GENIP). The borderland between the U.S. and Mexico is considered a functional region because of the fact that it is clearly marked out where each country is located and it serves a purpose. The purpose of this border is to distinguish between the two countries and allow passageways legally from one country to another through centralized border entrances and exits. Therefore, the border is a functional region that allows for transportation between countries. of the US webquest/regions_of_the_united_states_web.htm

Standard 2: Creating a Mental Map of how to get from Mexico to southern Arizona near Sierra Vista. (drawn by Hannah Edwards)

Standard 6: I am a Caucasian girl that grew up in Chandler, arizona. My dad was born and raised in Yuma, Arizona. He is an Italian man whereas my mother was born in South Dakota and is Irish, Scottish and German. I have a little bit of everything in me. I have always viewed the Borderlands a little differently than most people becasue my parents grew up in Yuma and have certain opinions that have been passed along to me. I think that my own "baggage" will influence my feelings on everything that come along with the borderlands because I was raised to be very compassionate and care for others. Although I don't think it is a good thing to come to the United States illegally, a large part of me feels bad for the people that want to come over here to start a better life and have freedoms that the U.S. citizens have that they don't have in Mexico. I never feel that deporting the illegals is always the right plan of action.

Standard 4: The Borderlands consist of physical and human characteristcs such as the beautiful mountains and valleys of the Grand Canyon and the proximity people choose to build cities in compariison to the shores in Hawaii. and

Standard 3: Geographic Patterns. It is interesting to see that the drug trafficking is not moreso in one area than it is in another. The routes seems to be headed, for the most part, in the same general direction. It is interesting to see the flow of drugs coming into Mexico form China. Most of the cocaine trafficking takes place in the southern parts of Mexico and heads North. Over in the North Western area of Mexico, there seems to be a lot of drug activity, all drugs are being moved from place to place over there. This map shows where and which cartel claims a certain zone which also shows us who is in charge of most of the illegal activity. We can also see what cities in the four border states that are being targeted in the smuggling process.

Standard 9: This map showcases the amount of population in the US-Mexico Borderlands that are of Hispanic descent. It also shows the population density in the border states in comparison to its neighboring states. From this map you can see the percentage of the Hispanic community in specific areas in comparison to the rest of the population by the darkness of the red.

Standard 10: This picture accurately shows the want for bilingual language near the borderlands. The other picture is a symbol of the religious beliefs of many people near the border. The diverse population and beliefs make the borderlands rich in culture and

Standard 16: Many people use the resources along the Mexico-U.S. borderlands to their advantage, like canals and river channels/streams near by for crops.

Standard 14: Humans have changed Chandler, Arizona drastically from 1985. A lot of empty land and farm land have been used for commerical building and homes.

Standard 12: Roma, Texas is a city that was built because it would serve as a border entry.Many years later Roma still operates as a border crossing but it has also built itself beyond that, although it is a small town approximately 10,000 people live there.

Standard 13: A conflict that is prevalent near the borderlands is safe drinking water. In this case, US Environmental Protection Agency has brought clean water into 60,000 homes.

Standard 11: Mexico is dependent upon the United States and the United States is dependent on Mexico. As shown in this graph, both countries invest a lot of money into one another for specific imports.

Standard 7: Physical processes are the things that make the world what it is, it's beauty comes straight from physical processes. This picture shows how the Earths physical processes made these cliffs. Http://

Standard 8: The characteristics and spatial distribution of ecosystems on Earth's surface are apparent in many ways. The Grand Canyon is a great example of this. Http://

Standard 17: Interpreting the past has many positivies and much information. This map of the Arizona mines shows an understanding as to why most people came and settled in Arizona; to work in the mines and support their families.

Standard 18: Geography and the Future. People live and go to places where there is a great amount of readily available resources. Choosing what job to take has a lot to do with the geographical surroundings.


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