Geography of the Borderlands (by taymun)

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Geography of the Borderlands (by taymun)

Geography of the BorderlandsBy: Taylor Munson

World in Spatial Terms Geo Part 2: Map of the U.S - Mexico Borderland.

World in Spatial Terms Geo Part 3: Mental Map - In this map, I constructed a route from the U.S. crossing the border into Mexico

Physical systems Geo Part 4: These were two points requested to find. I decided on how they became this landform. There is a desert and the Gulf of California.

Human Systems Geo. Part 5: I created this map and created it for the immigration into the U.S. The green circles express the amount of immigration in the selected area.

Human Systems Geo Part 5: In this section, I researched different links to the Mexican culture. These two images I found resemble the Mexican religion and ethnicity.

Environment and Society Geo Part 6: In this question I took natures wildlife and resources that are close to the borderlands. The Ferruginous Pygmy Owl and the Rio Grande River are shown here.

School Assignment Geo Part 7: In this section I found Fowler Elementary School. We also had to find things such as recreational places around it shown in the picture to the right, along with the district etc.



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