Geography of the Border Lands

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Geography of the Border Lands

Blog by: Paige Green

Geography of the Border Lands

Standard 1 Focus: EPA Map of the U.S.-Mexico BorderlandsThis map represents the Drastic numbers in Illegal Immigration toward the Southwest of the US.

Standard 11 Focus: Mexico Networks and Economic Interdependence This map represents the amount of fruits come from different areas of Mexico. The majority of these fruits gets shipped to neighboring countries for resale.

Standard 2 Focus: Mental map of a trip from my house to Casa GrandeThis map marks my mental landmarks on the drive to a friend's house

Standard 6 Focus: My own cultural perceptionsI see myself as your typical white, middle class, American. I do not hold any cultural background that influences how I live.

Standard 12 Focus: Towns and Cities of Human Settlement This image is of Charleston Az. This town was once a functioning place, but over the years has turned into a Ghost Town

Standard 10 Focus: Cultures and Characteristics in the BorderlandsThis image of a chupacabra represents the different kinds of spiritual beliefs Spanish people have. Some say it is not a real animal but there is some evidence proving their existence.

Standard 5 Focus: What is the region of the borderlands?I think that this territory is all three types of regions because depending on one's perspective will change the attitude on this location. It can be formal because of the Spanish cultural influence it has. It can be Functional because of specific landmarks. And it can be perceptual because of the controversy on illegal immigration and drug cartels.

Standard 9 Focus: Population geography and migration This is a map I created at Nation Geographic that labels the amounts of illegal immigration coming into America from Mexico

Standard 3 Focus: Interpreting geographic patternsThis map shows the trend of the Mexican Drug Carte that in influencing most of Mexico

Standard 8 Focus: The Ecosystems of the Borderlands This is the cover to a children's literacy book with a desert theme. This is a great example of the types of animals that live in this region.

Standard 7 Focus: Physical processes and Borderlands This image shows the stream terrace along the Colorado River in Yuma. This physical process forms through natural mountain lift after flooding. It is important to know the danger in different areas of Arizona.

Standard 4 Focus: The Borderland CharacteristicsClimate is dangerous in the borderlands and with immigrants crossing desert landscapes without resources is risky.

Standard 16 Focus: ResourcesThis video teaches viewers how to survive in the desert without water. When out in the desert, water is a scarce resource and tips like this can help you stay alive.

Standard 14 Focus: Altering the Environment In Senora Mexico, there is a copper mining plant that is destroying the earth's crust. Over thousands of acers have been destroyed.

Standard 18 Focus: Applying Geography Having the ability to use the internet to look up directions to any place in the world is one way geography is used. All Discovered land can be accessed through the internet from programs like Google Earth.

Standard 15 Focus: The Physical Environment and MigrationExtreme dust storms called Haboobs are known to pick up the dust over the empty desert regions and carry these bundles across the state.

Standard 17 Focus: Geographic HistoryThis image shows Phoenix Arizona in the 1800's. Maps that represent the past like this one allow people to take a look in how far we have come in technology and government

Standard 13 Focus: Cooperation or ConflictTexas is building a launch pad near the Mexico border because of the convince of the open desert on their land. For Mexico, homes and facilities will be placed at risk with the plant in close proximities. However, because it is not on Mexico's side of the border, nothing can be done.


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