Geography of Syria

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Geography of Syria

The United States accuses Syria of supporting terrorists in Iraq, Lebanon, and other places.


Located on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean sea and between Europe, Africa, and Asia

Has been researching ways to improve crop output, however, the rainfall in Syria is very unreliable

Syria claims to have less water available for farming and electricity because Turkey built a dam on the Euphrates river that controlls the amount of water flowing downstream into Syria and Iraq.


Syrian food

Syria has very fertile land. Crops grown in Syria include cotton, wheat, fruit, and vegetables

About one-third of the farms are irrigated

In recent years, more farmers have left their land to work in cities. Syrian government encourages farmers to stay on their land by giving them money to buy modern machinery.

As President, Bashar Assad changed government policies to convert Syria's state controlled economy into a market based system.

When General Hafez al-Assad took power in 1970, he made all of the country's political and economic decisions, allowing little to no political freedom.


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