[2015] abigail babbel: Geography of New York and Long Island

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[2015] abigail babbel: Geography of New York and Long Island

The population in New york is, 19,651,127. The polulation in Long island is, 7.568 million (as of 2014). In 1960 the population was 700,000 people in long island

Geography of New York and Long Island

Geography of Long Island

Long island is in the south east of New york ad is seperated from the rest of New york by the east river. Long Island contains four other counties, Queens, Berooklyn (Kings), Nassau, and Suffulk


New York is usually cloudy and chilly year round. The coastal areas are not as cloudy or cold. In the summer it rains on a daily basis. The humidity in New York is insane! Recently Hurricane Sandy hit New York and caused flooding, evacuations, and many power outages.


How does the population and climate efffect New york?

Yard question

State Symbols

Animal: BeaverFish: Brooke TroutGem: GarnetFlower: RoseTree: Sugar Maple

Geography of NYC

A long time ago thare used to be large glaciers that melted and all of the water that came from them had left more than four thousadnd lakes and rivers.There is good farm land- 54,475 square miles.Long island as well as Saten island are apart of the coastal plain in New york.


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