Geography of a Breakfast Commodity

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Geography of a Breakfast Commodity

Where and how is the breakfast item produced?Coffee is grown between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Coffee is grown in high altitudes with a warm, tropical climate with plenty of rainfall. The average temperature of the osil should be 21 degrees celsius. Coffee farms are privatley owned and sponsered by major corporations such as Starbucks, Dunkin, Green Mountain. Small farms rely on the business of large corporations for funds. Coffee does not have any natural predators. Howvever, there were few technological advancements because machines can not pick the cherries since they can not distiguish between the ripe and non ripe cherries.

How and where is the breakfast item processed and transported to market? (Preparation)The most critical time during the production of coffee is the shot time period that the coffee cherries are ripe. This is why lab0rers must pick the cherries and not machines. After being picked, the processing must begin ASAP because of the short time before spoiling. Then the beans must dry. The beans are sent to the mill. At this point, hulling machinary removes the parchment layer of the coffee and then polishes the beans. FInally, the beans are sorted by size and weight and prepare for exporting.

How and where is the breakfast item processed and transported to market? (Exportation)The milled beans are then put in bags to be shipped to the markets. The United States and European Nations are the number one importers of coffee globally. 152.7 million 60-kg bags of coffee are predicted to be sent out in 2016. The Coffee is then taste tested for quality before being roasted. The roasting changes the green coffee (prodcued at the mills) to the rich brown coffee beans the consumer sees. The roased beans are then sold to massive production groups (Green Mountain, Starbucks, Dunkin, etc...) The beans could also be pregrounded or sold as is.

Why is the breakfast item produced in this region/country?THE CARRIBIAN COFFEE PRODUCTIONCoffee production begain in the carribean during the Impearlism Era, when Colonial Powers (British, France, and the Netherlands) controlled the Islands) The production of Coffee was very sucesfful, so even after the islands gained independence they continued to produce thereThe Carribean naturally has ideal physical and environmental conditions to grow coffee in the warm, moist tropical climate. Coffee is very important to the region's economy beacause it is always ind emand, and they can produce mass amounts at a time. Majority of Coffee is exported to Europe and Nirth America. However, some is sold domestically but their exports exceed their imports drastically. Land is placed aside and protected for coffee prodcuts, but there is no competition

The Geography of aBreakfast Commodity


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