Geography Culminating Project

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Geography Culminating Project

Geography Culminating Project

by Katie MacArthur

Standard 2This is a map I made in paint that explains the path I would take across the border.Information from Source: Citation: (n.d.). Retrieved from

Standard 4The border holds evidence of physical influence, like vegetation growing on the fence, and human influence, like crowded highways.Picture 1 Source: Citation:(n.d.). Retrieved from Picture 2 Source: Citation (n.d.). Retrieved from

Standard 1This map clearly outlines the border between Mexico and the U.S.Source: Citation: Anderson, J. (2003). Fig.1. [Web Map]. Retrieved from

Standard 6I am a white Arizona native - I've lived in America all my life.I've grown up with the perception that people living along the borderlands are probably low-income and don't speak very much English. I think I will be able to engage in an analysis of these people, places, and environments because I have grown up loving the Spanish culture and I want to learn more about them. Picture - myself

Standard 7This picture shows how, over time, the Colorado River has made a Stream Terrace. This is a physical process seen in Arizona. Source: Citation: (n.d.). Retrieved from

Standard 8This picture shows the desert ecosystem of Arizona and how desert landforms are shaped over the years. Source: Citation: (n.d.). Retrieved from

Standard 9This picture displays the concentration of Hispanic population near the border. Source: file:///Users/katiemacarthur/Desktop/GCU%20geo/AZ%20hispanic%20map.jpgAPA Citation: (2000). Retrieved from file:///Users/katiemacarthur/Desktop/GCU geo/AZ hispanic map.jpg

Standard 3This map shows distribution of recorded deaths along the border.Source: Citation: (2007). 2000-2007 USBP Recorded Migrant Deaths, USBP Rescue Beacons and HB Water Stations. (2007). [Web Map]. Retrieved from

Standard 10This picture features the Catholic religion that is a part of the culture of Mexico.Source: Citation: (n.d.). Retrieved from

Standard 11The U.S. and Mexico are economically dependent on each other, as seen in these major trade routes on the map.Source: APA Citation: (n.d.). Retrieved from

Standard 12 Bisbee is an example of an Arizona border settlement that started because of a mining. This mining history is an important part of Bisbee's tourist economy.Source: APA Citation: (n.d.). Retrieved from

Standard 13This standard was about cooperation across the border. Governors near the border are forging an alliance to continue working together (this picture is from the article).Source: Citation:(2010). Retrieved from

Standard 14Humans have altered the environment in Mexico by mining.Source: Citation: (n.d.). Retrieved from

Standard 15Monsoons/Haboobs are physical processes that can affect Arizonans, often in the summer months.Source: Citation: (n.d.). Retrieved from

Standard 17Many cities in Arizona were settled because of the draw of mining jobs available across the state.Source: APA Citation: Walker, H. (Artist). (1986). Notable mines. [Web Map]. Retrieved from

Standard 16Humans use resources through solar panels to power their houses, baseball fields, and RV parks.Source: Citation: (n.d.). Retrieved from

Standard 18I can use the geography of Arizona to figure out what school I might work at in the future, and features around the school.Source: Citation: (n.d.). Retrieved from

Standard 5I believe that the border bewteen Arizona and Mexico is a formal region. This is a map showing that it is a clear line that devides the 2 countries.Source: Citation: (2007). Retrieved from



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