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Geography-Capital City

Monsoon Asia

What are the negatives of a monsoon?A negative would be that there is excessive flooding.

What is a monsoon?It is a rainy season between May and September

What are the benefits of a monsoon? Some benefits of a monsoon are that the countries that don't get any rainfall the rest of the year, they get lots of rain that could help sustain them for the rest of the year until the next monsoon. Another benefit is the extra water supply even if you already have enough becuase then you have it for little things like extra long showers.

Why are monsoons so desperately needed in Asia?Since Asia doesn't get a lot of rainfall year round they need the monsoons to get them their supply of water. If they wouldn't have those the price of water would sky rocket for them and people probably wouldn't have showers and toilets that flush and things like that.


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