Geoffroy's Spider Monkey

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Geoffroy's Spider Monkey


I live in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Geoffroy's Spider Monkey

Name: Kaylee L.Mrs. Bias 2nd hour

My Sources

My level of Endangerment is endangered.

Why I'm endangered

How we are saving them

My plan to save them:

I am endangered because some indigenous people like to hunt and eat me.

To protect the destruction of the Spider Monkey's haditat, Wourld Wild Life Foundation works to protect the places they need to live.

My plan to save them is to try and keep people from hunting them and eting them.

My habitat is in the forest.

Facts-Grolier, Facts-Earths Endngered Creatures,Both- Arkive, Facts-World Wild Life Foundation,Pictures-Gettyimages, Facts- National Geographic.

My face has no hair on it.

Another name people call me is a Black-Spider Monkey.

Females normally give birth to one offspring at a time, following a gestation peroid of approximately 230 days.

Typically a group will consist of 2-30 individuals, although some groups may comprise up to 100 members.

I get my name from my extremly long, spidery limbs and prehensile tail, which acts like a fifth limb and I use it for suspensory feeding.

When I was born i was black but I lightened in color during the first five months.


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