[2015] Zoe B (Outen 4th block): Geoffrey Chaucer: The English Poet

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[2015] Zoe B (Outen 4th block): Geoffrey Chaucer: The English Poet

Geoffrey Chaucer: The English Poet

By: Zoe Byrd

Geoffrey Chaucer was born in London, England. His birth date isn't exact; it's said to be somewhere between 1340-1344. He is famous for playing an important role in English literature as a poet.

Chaucer studied subjects like grammar, rhetoric, and logic when he went to grammar school. Chaucer had some education in subjects like arithmetic also. He studied at St. Paul's Cathedral, and was affected by the religious education.

London, England

Chaucer worked as many different things while still writing poetry. Over the course of his life, he served three different kings, including Edward the third. He also worked in the French military for some time.

The Canterbury Tales is about different people on a pilgramige to the Canterbury Cathedral. There were people such as a knight, prioress, and many others. These people showed a lot about life in England during those times.

Chaucer's writing career is divided into three. The first period is called his French period, during this time he wrote The Book of Duchess. His second period is the Italian period, when he wrote The House of Fame. His third period is when he wrote his most famous work, The Canterbury Tales.

Geoffrey Chaucer's family moved to London from Ipswich. His family was in the middle class. He married Philippa Roet, which was his way into aristocracy. Much of his poetry involved aspects of love, which led people to wonder if he was happy with his marriage.


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