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Geoffrey Chaucer

Geoffrey Chaucer was borin in London, England around the year 1343. His parents Agnes and John Chaucer were part of the wine trade and made their wealth through that. They knew the importance of knowing french and english, so they taught him both. This was key in him becoming a servant to the Countess Elizabeth of Ulster. His royal ties helped him tramendoulsy when he was captured in the 100 year war with France. He joined the royal service and traveled all over Europe in the 1360s. After returning home from his service, he married Philippa Roet in 1366. Little did he know that that would greatly impact his life as a writer later on down the road. Many do not know when he died because shortly before he died, he ran away due to finanical problems and the death of his wife. However, it is thought to be in the 1400s.

Literary Works

1343 - Born in London 1357 - became page for Count Elizabeth 1366 - Married 1374 - appointed comptroller 1386 - selected for a role in parliament 1387 - began work on "Canterbury Tales"1400's - Died after went missing

Parliament of Fouls - 1380's. Uses different literary devices to tell a story about Courtly Love. Patterened after the marriage of Richard and Anne of Bohemia.Troilus and Criseyde - tells the tragic love story of Troilus and Criseyde in the setting of the Trojan War. This is known as one of his greatest works. The Canterbury Tales - His greatest and most acclaimed piece. Made up of 24 different tales. In the end, none of the characters actually make it to Canterbury and many critics belive Chaucer never finished the tale.

Father of English Literature


- John Lydgate was first to continue his work on the "Canterbury Tales"- Robert Heneryson worked to finish "Troilus and Criseyde"- Many writers and poets in the 17th ' 18th century were influenced by his ryhme scheme and type of writing - It wasn't until 75 years after Chaucer died that the Canterbury Tales were finally published in England

Geoffrey Chaucer



Recap of Life

Map of London in the 1300's.


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