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Geodesic Domes

Geodesic DomesFunctions of a geodesic dome are that is can be used for many purposes. "A geodesic dome is an object constructed from triangular wedges combined to form spherical or semi-spherical shapes. Lightweight and sturdy, geodesic domes were invented in 1922 by German architect Walther Bauersfeld, but were popularized by American inventor R. Buckminister Fuller after World War II. One of the advantages of the dome is its versatility, as it can effectively function in many different contexts."5 origanall ideas for geodesic domes would be a Green House, A home, Garage, Shed and a Insect dome.

1) Domes are the most efficient structures known to man, they use less material, are lighter and stronger than any other type of building bar none.2)Some of the largest buildings in the world are domes; London’s millennium dome and the Eden domes were record breakers when they were built. The Miyazaki Ocean Dome in Japan is known as the world''s largest indoor water park. The Georgia Dome is the largest cable supported domed stadium in the world it covers 8.9 acres and covers 1.6 million square feet on seven levels. The 290 foot high roof is composed of 130 Teflon coated fibreglass panels covering 8.6 acres.

Epcot Dome

5 Famous Domes1.Epcot Dome 2.Londons milenium dome3.Miyazaki Ocean dome4.Georga Dome5.Edan dome


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