Geo Standards in the Borderlands

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Geo Standards in the Borderlands

Standard 1: Maps & Other Geographic RepresentationsThis map shows the 16 sister-cities along the international border, which give the borderlands the unique feature of turning small towns into international metros.AndStandard 5: People Create Regions to Interpret Earth's ComplexityThe US-Mexico borderlands are a formal region because there are solid identities to the region both human and physical that give it distinction from other regions within the US and Mexico. Citation: Notzon, S. (n.d.). US-Mexico Border Region.Retrieved

Geographic Standards in the BorderlandsTony MorelloGCU 113

Standard 2: Mental MapsThis my mental map for learning where my most visited places in Tempe are.

Standard 4: Physical & Human Characteristics of a PlaceThe borderlands are shaped by their human characteristics like international metros suc ash El Paso-Cuidad Juarez and their physical characteristics like wildlife such as the roadrunner and Diamondback Rattlesnake. Citations: Castro, A. (2006). Overview of Ciudad Juarez and El Paso 07. Retrieved July 1, 2015, from Attack. (2014, December 21). Roadrunner Attacks Rattlesnake - Exclusive Video. Retrieved July 29, 2015, from

Standard 3: Analyzing Spatial OrganizationsThe border states of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico have the highest percentage of foreign born population from Mexico in the United States in 2006. Although the United States continues to be a "melting-pot" of culture, we see from this map and observing society that Latin-influence is growing more and more. This information is important to me as a future educator because it indicates states that there is higher need to ESL and bilingual teachers.Citation: Migration Policy Institute. (2006). Mexican Born as a Percentage of the Total Foreign-Born Population by State, 2006. Retrieved July 20, 2015, from

Standard 6: Perception of Place and RegionMy own cultural perceptions and background affects how view a region like the borderlands. Coming from upper-middle class with excellent education opportunities, it is easy for my to view the borderlands as low-income and less educated.

Standard 7: Physical Processes that Shape the Patterns of Earth's SurfaceThe borderlands hold many beautiful landforms that were formed through Earth's physical processes like Mt. Lemon in the Santa Catalina Mountains. Screenshot created from Google Earth.

Standard 8: Characteristics and Distribution of Earth's EcosystemThis map shows the complexity of ecoregions in the borderlands from deserts to plains to temperate coastlands which cause interaction between non-living and living resources.Citation: Commission for Environmental Cooperation. (n.d.). Ecological Regions of North America. Retrieved July 29, 2015, from

Standard 9: Population Characteristics, Distribution, and GrowthThe pattern shown within this map is that the metropolitan areas along in Borderlands have higher density, while overall the Borderlands are not very densly population. This map was created using National Geographic MapMaker Interactive.Citation: (n.d.). Retrieved from

Standard 10: Cultural MosaicsThe borderlands offer a mix of culture through language, religion, food, etc. This image is of the Catholic Diocese of Tucson's Cathedral of St. Augustine which shows a mix of American and Hispanic Catholicism in it's architecture and imagery. Citation: Kicanas, G. (2007, November 1). Painting St. Augustine Cathedral. Retrieved July 29, 2015, from

Standard 11: Economic InterdependenceThis image of the natural gas lines between the US and Mexico is an example of the many resource networks of the borderlands. Citation: Stratfor. (2013). Retrieved July 27, 2015, from

Standard 12: Human Settlement PatternsCities and towns are settled for a variety of factors like location and function giving them a unique history and composition. Laredo, TX is a border town settled as a major river crossing and mission site for Christian missionaries evangelizing local Native American tribes. Citation: Screenshot from Google Earth. Cuellar, C. (2010, June 15). Laredo, TX. Retrieved July 27, 2015, from

Standard 13: Cooperation and ConflictThe US-Mexico Border Water Infrastructure Program is an example of cooperation of resources and has worked to bring clean water to the underserved communities in the borderlands.Citation: US Environmental Protection Agency. (2011, November 21). U.S.-Mexico Border Water Infrastructure Program Background. Retrieved July 27, 2015, from EPA Funds Environmental Projects Along US-Mexico Border - Agenda 21 News. (2014, October 14). Retrieved July 29, 2015, from

Standard 14: Human Impact on the EnvironmentThis image of the New Cornelia Copper Mine outside of Ajo, AZ is an example of how human actions have modified the physical environment within the borderlands. Screenshot from Google Earth.

Standard 15: Physical Systems Affect Human SystemsMonsoons in the borderlands are an example of physical systems forcing human populations to adapt to their realities. Citation: Daily Star Staff. (2013, July 3). Downpour floods out dry season. Arizona Daily Sun. Retrieved July 29, 2015, from

Standard 16: Resource GeographyThe many resources of the borderlands have affected where human settlements have developed such as Kingman, AZ settling near this gold mine. Screenshot from Google Earth.

Standard 17: Applying Geography to Interpret the PastWe can use geography to understand how history affects us today, like using this map of the New Mexico Territory from 1857 to see the plotting of railroads that will go through settlements that have became today's cities.Citation: Rodgers, H., & Johnston, A. (1857). Map of the New Mexico Territory, 1857. Retrieved July 28, 2015, from

Standard 18: Applying Geography to Interpret the Present and Plan the FutureWe can use geography to see the implications of today's actions for how it affects the future and make choices to benefit the future. This screenshot is of a school that would interest me in working their in the future because of the community and resouces that I can see around it. Screenshot from Google Earth.


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