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Geo culminating

Standard #1 This map from the EPA portrays the borderlands between the United States and Mexico. It helps communicate information on where the borderlands are precisely located and which cities are part of this area.

Geo Culminating Project 1/2 Justin Sand

Standard #2Mental maps, such as this one depicting part of the borderlands, shows roads, specific places, countries, cities, and more to help organize information usually involving travel.

Standard #3Analyzing a map can lead to an understanding of spatial organization. This map shows the topographics of the borderlands, giving a strong inclination that there is not much of a natural border between the two countries.

Standard #4 The borderlands contain the physical characteristics of a typical dry , arid desert environment (with SOME water at least!), but also some unique human characteristics such as the infamous border fence.,

Standard #5 This image of the U.S./Mexico borderlands show cities and roads in a specified region that has been identified to help with business collaborations and works.

Standard #6 Because I am an American, I view the borderlands differently than someone from, say, Mexico. In addition, since I am a native of Arizona, I do not just assume the borderlands are simply desert towns of cowboys!

Standard #7 Big Bend National Park in Texas is located near the borderlands, and is home to a beautiful rock canyon that was formed by the Rio Grande River.

Standard #9 Illegal immigration is a major dispute for both Americans and Mexicans, particularly near the borderlands. The map above shows the primary routes Mexicans take to the U.S.

Standard #8 The map pictured displays large ecosystem of the Sonoran Desert, which extends from the southern United States into Mexico (across the borderlands) where there are a variety of different biomes and ecoregions.


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