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Geo Assignment 2

Reefs are in danger. Settlement on the shores near reefs are expanding, dangerously. This is exactly what is happening in the Great Barrier reef, it is because of these settlements that crown of thorns populations are sky-rocketing. Making them have to feed on more coral to survive. If this population growth continues reefs will become a thing of the past. We have to shorten the growth of settlement. UNESCO is also concerned about the pollution. Oil tankers that travel into the state of Queensland can cause spillages making the sea covered in the black oil. We have to be more careful. One of the most dangerous threats for reefs is extensive fishing. Every year the growth of fishing expands greatly. We need to stop this amount of fishing. If this continues animals that feed on fish will not survive.

A coral reef is a ridge of rocks, which has been covered over the years by a large amount of coral. Coral Reefs are found near every continent, but a large proportion of coral reefs are found near the Indonesian seas and Australian waters. An extremly large amount of animals live in these waters.

What is a Coral Reef?

Threats For Reefs

The Great Barrier Reef

Coral Reefs

Sentinelese people

Meet the Natives

The Sentinelese people are the world's most outdated and most secluded tribe in the world. Found on a island in the Bay of Bengal, this tribe will kill anybody that comes into contact with them. They constantly interact with the reefs by fishing . Recently this tribe killed two fishermen, who were illegally fishing for crabs.

Crown of Thorns

The Animals of the Reef

The Bottle Nose Dolphin

Red Sea Coral Reef

New Caledonia Barrier Reef

Reefs have a great reputaion when it comes to its wildlife. From the bottle nose dolphin, to the green turtle the reef's wildlife is very deverse. With these animals it makes reefs one of the most diverse places on the Earth.


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