Genomic Engineering

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Genomic Engineering

Genomic Engineering

What is it?

Why is Genomic Engineering necessary?

What does it involve?



What problems does Genomic Engineering solve?


In health, we learn about certain vaccines and drugs that help cure diseases. Many of those vaccines or drugs could have been developed as a result of genomic engineering.

In science, we are learning about genes. This is extremely relevant to genomic engineering because we learned how to predict if a trait was dominant or recessive, and if certain family members inherited the trait. We did this by using pedigrees.

Genomic Engineering. Develop, discover, solve, repeat.


In STEM we learned that if one method doesn't work, you have to try something else. This can be true in many situations in life, and is definetly true if you are a genomic engineer. They have to use these methods to develope tools to help them study genes

Genomic engineering is the strategies and techniques developed to modify of the genetic information of living organisms.

Genomic Engineering allows us to understand more about how a gene works. It allows us to predict which family members will inherit a certain trait or disease, which can lead to it being treated more quickly, or the correction of genetically modified genes. In mecine genetic engineering, it allows us to produce insulin, human growth hormones, follistim, human albumin, monoclonal antibodies, antihemophilic factors. Most importantly, it allows us to make vaccines and many other drugs. In materials science, genomic engineering made it easier for them to develop and environmentally friendly battery.

Genomic engineering involves looking for ways to correct genetically modified genes (mutations) and also for new research tools that allow us to explore the functions of genes.

In Computer Applications, we learn how to use certain computer programs. This has to do with genomic engineering because many of the way they study genes require them to use complicated computer programs.

Genomic Engineering effects many different fields. In medical engineering, it solves problems by allowing vaccines and drugs to be developed. Genomic engineering also leads to new tools and computer programs being developed, which then leads to a greater understanding of genes. The more we understand about genes, the more we can do with them to solve various problems, from correcting a gentically modified gene to inventing an environmentally friendly battery.

It is important to excel in these areas because in order to become a genomic engineer, you must have a great understanding of how genes work, and the methods you must use in order to gain a greater understanding. You may also need to know about vaccines and drugs that have been developed from knowledge gained about genes, and how more can be developed. Also, you may have to use computer programs to study genes in the first place.

Right now, genomic engineering effects many different fields. As we begin to learn more about genes, vaccines are starting to be developed, and inventions are being made.

Genomic engineering has been describe as "The future of medicine." New discoveries will lead to the developement of vaccines and drugs.

We first gentically engineered organisms in 1973. These first discoveries have led to advancements in tools, which led to more discoveries.


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