Genocide during WW2

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World War II

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Genocide during WW2

Genocide During World War 2

“Once I really am in power, my first and foremost task will be the annihilation of the Jews…I will have gallows built in rows…until the last Jew in Munich has been Exterminated.” This was the first time he talked about annilhilating the Jews in one of his speeches. After that the Jewish communities already knew what there faith was going to be if Hitler was the leader of Germany.Hitler targeted now only the Jews. He targeted the Gypsies, Disabled people, Catholics, homosexuals and anyone who didn't fall in the category that Hitler believed that was superior to Germany. 11 million innocent people died because of the Nazis and Hitler. He started killing them off by lethal injections and poisinous gas. then he started to just shoot a number of people all at once. 6 million Jews died as well.

Hitler's InspirationAdolf HItler was the president of Germany and the person behind the Jewish genocide during World War 1, but it wasn't an original idea. He was inspired by the Turkish rulers during the Ottoman Empire era.

In 1915, the Turkish goverment was planning to eliminate the Armenians from the Ottoman Empire. The Armenians was the minority and they tried to live peacefully with the Turkish leaders. Right after the defeat of WW1 the Armenian leaders were exucuted and the rest of the population took a death march to their new destination, without that much belongings. The Turkish leaders thought that the Armenians would die on the march by starvation but a few survive. After the march a couple of them died from disease. The survivers after that got executed . This was called a "successful " genocide because it got the Armenians to go away.

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