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Social Studies
Ancient History

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1162Born as Temüjin1205-1206Unites Mongols1207-1227Wars with China1219-1221Fights Khwarizm Empire1227Dies mysteriously



Massacred the Tanguts(Xi Xia) for rebelling.Executed the Jin Dynasty for moving their capital.Eliminated the Khwarizm Dynasty for parts of Eurasia, massacring every citiy in the way.

Conquered most of AsiaEstimated to have killed fourty-million people


Genghis Khan, or "Universal Leader", was a Mongolian warlord that brought death and destruction to Asia during the Thirteenth Century. During this rampage he became the leader of one of the biggest nations ever created, Medieval Mongolia. His preferred method of human slaughter, was to have the victims gather in a field so that his soldiers can execute them all in one place. His soldiers were required to fufill a quota for executions, and were occasionally orderd to gather severed heads for making pyramids with.

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is revered as a hero in modern-day Mongolia, and certain parts of China, for his government system and for putting the Silk Road under one government making trade easier. He is also seen as a genocidal warlord that brought nothing but bloodshed to people of Asia.

His Image Today


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