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Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan or Temujin was born around 1162 into a small Mongolian tribe. As he grew older, he was known for being soft and kinda girly, but that was about to change. His father who was chieftan was murdered by an enemy tribe. So, Temujin's tribe abandoned he and his family. His family suffered hardships that eventually led to slavery by the tribe that killed his father. Temujin was a slave until his grand escape which is the reason for his popularity in Mongolia and some of China. His followers quickly grew as he sought revenge for the slavery and death of his family. He united Mongolia and swept through Asia, leaving a trail of fire and destruction as he destroyed and conquered city after city, country after country. His Empire expanded through most of Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Russia. He earned his new name, Genghis Khan which means "universal ruler." But, he fell to a kind of funny death. It wasn't poison, a knife, or an arrow that took his life; it was a fatal fall from his horse. He died from related injuries later thus ending the rule of the greatest leader known to man.


1162: Birth of Temujin1206: dominated Mongolia and got named Genghis Khan1207: The Mongols attacked West China 1211: Genghis Khan led his armies across the Gobi Desert 1219–1221: The Mongols waged a war in central Asia 1227: Genghis Khan's death

1. Went from slavery to most powerful leader in History.2. Invented first form of chemical warfare. (Bad and Good)3. Had the largest Empire EVER by owning most of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.4. Created brilliant military tactics and techniques that benefited his army in battle.

Lasting Impact

Genghis Khan built up the world's largest empire and is known for his genius military tactics.


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Genghis Khan



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