Genghis Khan and the Mongolian Empire

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Genghis Khan and the Mongolian Empire

Genghis Khan & the Mongolian Empire

He was raised in a violent envrionment and it is believed that this had a lot to do with his attitude toward conquest and warfare.As a young boy he witnessed the nomdaic people of Mongolia fight with each other and steal from each other.

Mongolian moments

Khan's Early Life

The Rise of the Mongolian EmpireKhan established the largest land empire in history.Controlled 11 to 12 million contigious square miles.(An area about the size of Africa.)Along the path to the top, many people were slaughtered , even Khans' own brother for the crown.This empire opened intercontinental trade.

The Fall of the Mongolian EmpireGenghis Khan stayed on the path of conquest, however on a campaign to gain more control he died in 1227.The Mongolian Empire woul still thrive but not to the extent of Khan's expansion. Internal struggles would be the biggest threat to the empire and would ultimately lead to the demise of this historic empire.


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