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Genghis Kahn

Genghis Kahn was born in Mongolia around 1162. He was born as "Temujin" in Mongolia. At age 9 Genghis was sent to live wiht his futur bride that he then married. When he turned 20 he began building his large army of more than 20,000 men. His big idea was to get the mongols all together under his rule. He began to build up his army, once he reached 1206, Temujin had also defeated the powerful Naimen tribe, that gave him control of central and eastern Mongolia. Thorugh his life he had many more victories. He was one of the most successful conquerors ever.

Questions to Consider

1167 - Genghis is born1174 - Father assasinated1180 - Kills half brother1209- First foreign campaign1209-1222 - Conquers most of Asia1222 - Moves into Eastern Europe1226 - Last campaign1227- Genghis dies

How did Genghis Kahn's childhood help him become a strong leader?How was he able to satisfy the people he conquered?Do you think Kahn was an intellgient man? Why?

Lasting Impact

Genghis Kahn showed what a great leader does and how a great leader should act. He will always be remembered for his unbeatable military stratagies.


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Genghis Kahn



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