Generation Brassica, (Genetics project)

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Generation Brassica, (Genetics project)

Genetics Experiment!

We planted the Homozygous Dominant Green and Purple plants. We waited until they had grown flowers. We then took bees and cross pollinated them ourselves to make sure we got the right plants cross pollinating. We then waited for these plants to die and then we took the seed pods off the plant. We planted the seeds and finally we counted them up to find out our ratio.

Generation Brassica Rapa Plants: If two Br Heterozygous crosss pollinate than the effect will be a 3-1 ratio. 3 will be purple stemmed for every 1 green stemmed plant in the next Generation.Annajean Wood, 2013, Biology 100, Mesa Community College

You can easily see with the pie chart that there is ¾ of it is purple which is the ratio of 3-1. For every 3 purple there is one green. In our results as a class we found that out of every plant there was one that was called an albino plant. We found that one of the little plants that were growing was sucking the genes from the plant right next to it. It had both colors and both of the plants were still living.

Yes, our title question was answered. The punnett squares above show that in the P1 generation there were all dominant purple and after those ones cross pollinated they created the punnett square F1 where there was still dominant purple and a ratio of 3-1.

Our results compare with Gregor Mendels experiment in that we both got a 3-1 ratio. However he was doing the color of the flowers that grew and we did the stem color.



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