Genetically Modified Potatoes

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Genetically Modified Potatoes


Antisense Technique

Antisense TechniqueClassical breeding methods have not been able to provide an amylose-free potato. That's where antisense technique, a genetic engineering method, comes in. This method is targeted towards disrupting the process of how genes are expressed. Scientists have transformed genes with reversed genes, which is what antisense genes are. When the antisense genes are expressed, the targeted gene is replicated by an mRNA molecule. Both of the mRNAs bind together, disrupting their function and making protein synthesis impossible. The result: the targeted gene is blocked.

Genetically Modified Potatoes

Potatoes contain two starches: Amylopectin, which makes up 80% of the starch in potatoes, and Amylose, which is long chains of molecules. Scientists want to remove the Amylose from the potato to make the potato 100% Amylopectin. Natural breeding selection was found to be inconclusive, so sceintists instead turned to the Anti-sense technique to naturally remove Amylose.

1. Antisense technique is used to remove Amylose to gentically modify the potatoes. By making it 100% Amylopectin, industries can use the starch to make paper, paste, glue, and as a lubricant. Having Amylose will interfere with the making of these products.2. We genetically modifed the potatoes by taking amylose out.3.Using the anti-sense technique to "remove" or "silence" the amylose in the potato.4. By removing Amylose, this helps increase product production.


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