Genetically modified food

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Genetically modified food

What are its advantages?-Most people don't want pest repellent on foods so if the plant has a natural repellent no dangerous chemicals will sit on your food-Biologists are working to create plants with genetically engineered resitance to diseases, strengthening your immune system.

What are its uses?Using this method can actually implant more vitamins and nutrients in to plants making them more beneficial to your health.

How does it work?Scientists use Chemicals to change the appearance or makeup of a fruit, vegtable or organism. This works if you want bigger leaves, no seeds, a natuarl Pest repellent, etc

Genetically Modified Food

What are its disadvantages?Some people could possibly be allergic to the chemicals used it the produce. There also hasn't been much testing to prove it isn't dangerous.

What is it?Genetically modified food is food produced from orginisms that have changes in thier DNA. This can make plants look more attractive and desirable or adds vitamins.

Katelynn's OpinionGentically modified food is a great idea because it's healthier,reduces waste and can act as a natural pesticide.

Sophia's Opinion My opinion on genetically modified foods is that they should still be allowed to test the foods because it can help us in the future for a natural pesticide. Many people have thoughts about this topic because they don't want to eat pesticides, but the food can prevent that from happening, so in this case, I agree with genetically modified foods.

What makes the topic Controversial?Some people believe natural foods are good for you and don't want them to be chemically modified.


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