Genetically Modified Chickens

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Genetically Modified Chickens

Genetically Modified Chickens

Dylan Ince

1. Genetically modified chickens are given phamaceuticals so they grow in size and grow faster. Also they give the chicken drugs, hormones and antobiotics to grow and stay healthy. Pharming also means that you give the GMO a gene from pharmaceuticals.

2. The cause of this product being engineered is that the chickens grow big and healthier so we have a better quality and quantity of chicken

3. Chicken pharming and poultry farming started about 1960 so about 54 years ago

4. The process for the genetic manipulation for the chicken pharming is they put drugs and hormones in oats and grains and those make the chicken grow more than twice the size of what they would be and then they kill them for everyone to eat

9. My opinion of chicken pharming and genetic manipulation is good and bad because we get to eat but torturing the chicken and making them big to the point they cripple then they just get killed. IT IS HORRIBlE

8. Genetically modified chickens effect not just them but us too. We eat chickens that have ate genetically engineered food and we can get obese like them and we get diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease just from eating them

7. Some ethical issues are the chickens get locked up in tight cages (because they are big) with barely any water and they get pills and diseases and then they just get killed and processed. This is so immoral and mean.

6. Disadvantages are that some chickens suffer from weakened immune system, failed organs and respiratory problems, but also we can get diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease from eating chicken.

5. Benefits to chicken pharming and genetic engineering is that we all get healthier and better quality and quantity of chicken. And we get more to eat


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