Genetically Engineered Frogs

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Genetically Engineered Frogs

Genetically engineering is the deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material.

Genetically Engineered Frogs

See-through frogs have been gentically modified since about 2007. Frogs are the world's first transparent four-legged animals.

The advantages of a GM frog is since you can see through the skin you could learn how the organsand cancer develop.

My opinion is that i think that it is good to do it because since there is no disadvantages and that you can see how cancer devlops it is a postive thing.

There are no disadvantages of what I saw.

Frogs have been genetically modified because scientists can observe the way the liver and other organs grow without dissecting it.

I chose GM frogs. GM frogs are transparent-skinned and could become widely used in research because of their internal organs and the blood vessels that can be viewed without dissecting.

The researchers produced the creature from Japanese brown frog, or Rena japonica, whose backs are usually ochreor brown. Sumida's( the founder) team crossed two frogs with recessive genesthrough artificial insemination and the F1 generation looked normal dueto the presence of more genes. But crossing the offspringled the skin of the new frog transparent from the tadpole stage.


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