Genetic Engineering

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Genetic Engineering

By:Scott Lanza

Gentetic Engineering

Gregor Mendel proved certain traits are dominant and other are recessive (Cohen 7). Also farmers chose seeds only from the best plants, so they would have more profit, this was known as selective breeding (Cohen 6). American Bio chemists Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer were the first scientists to use resriction enzyme to produce a genetically modified organism in 1873 ("Genetic Engineering").

What Is It?

There are three different ways scientists engineer genes. These are Recombinant DNA, Polymerase Chain Reaction, and Breeding. Recombinant DNA is cutting out a section of a gene and inserting that gene into a plasmid and inserting that plasmid into a cell, then allowing that cell and plasmid to grow and multiply (Levine). Polymerase Chain Reaction works by primers are constructed so that they can connect to each other, and when the temperature changes, the gene replicates (Levine). Breeding works by, you wold breed the two plants or animals that produce the most product, which would lead to the next generation making also a lot of product(Levine).

Genetic Engineering techniques can be applied to almost every aspect of human well-being; these aspects include food production, disposal of waste, medicines, and possibly treatments for diseases (Levine).

There are many ethical issues related to genetic engineering like, in 1999, a patient in a gene-therapy clinical trial died because of the treatment (Levine). Also many do not like the idea of using genetic engineering to enhance certain traits of human beings (Levine). There is also a fear of genetic engineered food harming humans (Levine).

Who is involved?


How is it done?

Why do people think we need it?

What are the ethical issues related to genetic engineering?

Genetic engineering is "messing" with the genes of a plant or animal (cohen 4).


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