Genetic Engineering (by mgoldbeck)

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Genetic Engineering (by mgoldbeck)

Genetic Engineering Madison Goldbeck

What is Genetic Engineering?

"The term genetic engineering initially meant any of a wide range of techniques for the modification or manipulation of organisms through the processes of heredity and reproduction."- Sara Algoe

Animal farming. (EX: Cows produce more milk)

How it's been bioengineered: "The technology that makes this possible is called biolistics - a gunshot-like violence that pierces the nuclear membrane of cells."How it's been genetically engineered to somehow "improve their usefulness:The new products and ideas could make a new industrial revolution which could help the economics in the world and the transfer of the products and services.How it's impacted my life:Lower costs for manufacturers, lower prices for consumers, and higher output on the part of the animals are making an impact on my life because then I wont have to pay as much.

Pesticide resistant rape plants

How its been bioengineered:Scientists transferred a gene to the rape plants that enables it to "resist" a certain pesticide. When the farmer sprays his genetically modified crop with pesticides, the farmer can destroy pests without killing the rape plants.How its been genetically engineered to somehow "improve" my life:Farmers can grow larger crops because it's easier to fight pests so then they can use less of crop spray and protect the enivornment. They can use environment friendly crop spray instead.How it has impacted my life:The seeds from rape plants go into ediable oils. The seeds make the lowest saturated fat oil. This will impact my life because I won't take in as many saturated fats..

Insecticide sweet corn

How its been bioengineered: "Scientists have genetically modified sweet corn so that it produces a poison which kills harmful insects."How its been genetically engineered to somehow "improve" my usefulness: Farmers don't have to use insecticide to kill insects so the environment isn't exposed to large amounts of insecticide which is harfmul. Farmers also dont have to walk around with toxic spray wearing mask and protective clothing.How it has impacted my life:I won't have to worry about buying corn that has been eaten by bugs or corn that is gross and not clean.

Long lasting tomatos

How its been bioengineered: "Long-lasting, genetically modified tomatoes came on to the market in 1994 and were the first genetically modified food available to consumers. The genetically modified tomato produces less of the substance that causes tomatoes to rot, so remains firm and fresh for a long time"

How its been genetically engineered to somehow "improve" their usefulness: "GM tomatoes can tolerate a lengthier transport time. This means that market gardens can avoid picking tomatoes while they are green in order that they will tolerate the transport."

How it has impacted my life:"GM tomatoes can remain fresh longer they can be allowed to ripen in the sun before picking - resulting in a better tasting tomato." So I would get to eat fresher, better tasting tomatos!

Genetically produced golden rice

How its been bioengineered: "Genetically modified rice that now contains a large amount of A-vitamins. Or more correctly, the rice contains the element beta-carotene which is converted in the body into Vitamin-A. Beta-carotene gives carrots their orange colour and is the reason why genetically modified rice is golden. For the golden rice to make beta-carotene three new genes are implanted: two from daffodils and the third from a bacterium."

How it has an impact on my life:Golden rise has more Vitamin A so I ccan eat golden rice and get more Vitamin A in my body.

How it has been genetically engineered to somehow "improve" my usefulness: The rice can be considered a particular advantage to poor people in underdeveloped countries. They eat only an extremely limited diet lacking in the essential bodily vitamins. The consequences of this restricted diet causes many people to die or become blind. This is particularly true in areas of Asia, where most of the population live on rice from morning to evening.



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