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geneser,bay doe tabor, grabhorn

Baby Doe Tabor

Interest Baby Doe loved silver and gold so so so much she became a miner for her husband's company. Another Interest that Baby Doe had interest in ice skating to. When she was little she ice skated in church competions.

Early LifeWhen Baby Doe was a kids she had 14 siblings. When baby doe was 28 she married Horace Tabor. When Baby Doe Tabor's youngest child die when she 36. Her name was Silver Tabor.

Main EventsWhen Baby Doe was 17 years old she married her first husband, Harry Doe. then baby Doe Married her second husband, Horace Tabor. After she married Horace she had three childern : Elizibeth Lily Tabor, Rose Tabor and Silver Tabor. When there kids went to school Baby Doe worked as a miner,wife and mother. Baby Doe died pennieless and alone, frozen in a small one room cabin.

Connetion to ColoradoThere is a opera house in Leadville, CO. The opera house iis called The Tabor Opera hoouse. There is also a matchless mine in leadville coloradothat they bot for $117,000. That is there connection to Colorado.

Why Did Baby Doe come to Colorado forBaby doe came to Colorado for the Colorado gold rush. They came to col.orado in 1877. That is Why my citizen came to Colorado!

What She Was Famous For?Baby doe was famous for finding so much silver and gold, and that shegot thousads of dollars in silver every day.

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By: Julianne Geneser


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