Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorder(GAD)

Accoring to the DSM-IV GAD is...Excessive anxiety and worry occurringmore days than not and for at least 6 months, about a number ofevents or activities;Unable to control worries

What is generalized anxiety disoorder in children?

Children can have anxiety about:PetsSchoolHome lifeSportsSocial events

Classroom Strategies:Transitions for each activityDaily routinesBreathing exercises to before beginning the day Ask the students about what might help reduce their anxiety Use group activities

Symptoms:-Physical symptoms include: headaches, stomach aches, muscle tensions, fidgety -Trouble sleeping-Avoidance -Feeling on edge-Difficulty concentrating -Irritability- Asking “What if” questions

More Information on Children's GAD!

Educate other students:Using a Feelings Chart Reading Books on AnxietyDiscussing ways to copeLesson plans about what anxiety is

Common methods of treatment:Always stay positive Anxiety Awareness Breathing techniques Cognitive-behavior therapyAnti-anxiety Medications

Teacher interactions with positive behaviors:-Teach positive self-regulation-Teach alternative ways of completing an assignment -Breathing exercises -Allowing the children to express their feelings-Acknowledge efforts of controlling anxiety -Role playing positive behaviors-Encourage that anxiety can be good if it is under control

Your Classroom Modifications:Creating a “safe place” for students to go toBooks about anxiety and how to copeCalming musicSoft/ comfortable objects around the roomUsing the color lavender to promote relaxation

Resources:-Anxiety and Depression Association of America - Children’s Anxiety Institute- Florida Hospital for Children - South Seminole Hospital Orlando Health- Anxiety BC- Resources. Results. Relief. - GAD explained in Spainsh

What is one way to help children who have GAD in your classroom?

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