General Zaroff

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General Zaroff

Zaroff says he is civilized 8 times in the story - but he hunts people. Is that civilized?

General Zaroff-Zaroff began hunting at an early age. -He commanded a division of Cossack cavalrymen in Russia. -The sanctioned violence of his youth and early manhood drained the general of his empathy and capacity to make moral judgments. -His bloodlust and passion for hunting eventually prompted him to hunt men, the most cunning and challenging prey he could find. -His passion for the hunt and love of the refined, meanwhile, led him to devalue human life. -General Zaroff has lost the ability to distinguish men from beasts, suggesting that he has slipped into barbarism and lost his humanity.

General Zaroff

General Zaroff:The main antagonist of th short story. This man's appearance just radiates evil. He owns a big chateau on the the Ship- Trap Island. He is an extreme expert when it comes to hunting. He can not even remember how many animals he has hunted. Hunting is what he lives for and he has done it so much that he has become bored of hunting animals in general. Humans are what he enjoys hunting now, since they are much more interesting to him. He is defeated by Rainsford in the short story

"life is for the strong, to be lived by the strong, and if need be taken by the strong" (14)

A trace of anger was in the general's black eyes, but it was there for but a second, and he said, in his most pleasant manner: "Dear me, what a righteous young man you are! I assure you I do not do the thing you suggest. That would be barbarous. I treat these visitors with every consideration. They get plenty of good food and exercise. they get into splendid physical condition. You shall see for yourself tomorrow."

Inviting Rainsford to a delicate hunt for good impressions proves that Zaroff is most generous; when he has a chance to enjoy something, he offers a companion to accompany him. Zaroff expresses numerous amounts of high-level etiquette throughout the entire story

"I have electricity. We try to be civilized here." General Zaroff

Throughout the beginning of this story, this confident man seems to do no wrong and is quite the charmer until he says something that makes his looks and all the wealth he has vanish and pointless to save his dignity. "I hunt the scum of the earth-sailors from tramp ships-lascars, blacks, Chinese, whites, mongrels..."(14)


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