General William Howe

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General William Howe

Before The WarWilliam Howe was born on August 10, 1729. Howe's grandmother had been a mistriss to King George I and as a result Howe and his brothers were King George III's uncles. In the September of 1746 he joined the military, following in his older brothers footsteps.

General William Howe

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The MilitaryHowe fought on the British side during his service in the military. Before the American Revolution, he fought in the French and Indian war. In the American Revolution Howe sailed for Boston with reinforcements. The British had to take action since the American forces had fortified Breed's Hill. Another general wanted to assult the Americans from water but Howe chose to attack by land. As a result the British won that battle but had around 1,000 casualities. After this battle General Howe was more conservative and attacked large American forces less. General William Howe often ran into Washington's troops in the American Revolution. In August of 1776 he successfully defeated Washington in the Battle of Long Island. He also defeated Washington's troops in The Battle of White Plains, at Fort Washington, and captured Fort Lee. By then the British had captured all of New York. Later on Howe beat the Americans at the battle of Brandywine.

After The WarOn April 14, 1778, Howe recieved word that his resignation had been accepted then departed, leaving Clinton in charge. William Howe died on July 12, 1814 after a long period of being ill while serving as governor in Plymouth.

William Howe was promoted Commander-In-Cheif after serving in the British army for approximately 47 years. He then resigned on April 14, 1778 after around 49 years in the miltary.


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