General Trial Court

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General Trial Court

General Trial Court

A trial court of general jurisdiction may hear any civil or criminal case that is not already exclusively within the jurisdiction of another court. Examples include the United States district courts on the federal level and state-level trial courts such as the New York Supreme Courts and the California Superior Courts.

A trial court of limited jurisdiction may only hear specific kinds of cases based on subject matter, amount in controversy, statutory grant, or administrative matters.

Court of original jurisdiction where evidence and testimony are first introduced, received, and considered.

Oj Simpson Case:-June 12, 1994 - Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, 35, and Ronald Lyle Goldman, 25, are stabbed to death. -Simpson is charged with two counts of murder with special circumstances. He does not surrender and is declared a fugitive. -October 3, 1995 - The jury returns a not guilty verdict after less than four hours of deliberations in the criminal trial.

Types of CasesCivil Plenary. Contract cases, property cases, and cases seeking to start or stop someone from doing something.Civil Tort. Cases where someone is suing for a "wrong" that is not a crime, but has resulted in some injury or damage. Example: car accident.Small Claims. Disputes involving less than $6,000.

Findings of fact and law are made in the trial court, and the findings of law may be appealed to a higher court that has the power of review.

The two sides present evidence and witnesses, and either a judge or a jury makes a decision based on the evidence presented.Cases are heard for the first time in a trial court.Cases only affect the people involved with the case.


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