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World War II

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General Patton

General George S. Patton Jr.

Early LifeGeorge Patton was born November 11th, 1885 in San Gabriel, California. He was born into a military family, his ancestors served in the Revolutionary War and Civil War.He was born to be in the military. Patton attended the Virginia Military Institute and Westpoint, which were two elite military academy's.Pre WWIIAfter finishing school, he fought in the Mexican-American War under General John J. Pershing. Shortly after the Mexican-War, Patton found himself fighting in his first world war as one of the United States first tank commanders. He was soon had full command of the U.S. Tank Corps. General Patton led American and British tanks at Cambrai, France. Patton was vicorious at Cambrai, which was the world's first major tank battle. During the war Patton organized the American Tank School in France

where he trained 500 american tankers. Patton was one of the 1st people to see tanks as the future for modern combat.After world war I, Patton stayed in the military and attended the U.S. Army war college in 1932.WWIIWorld War II was the first war where tanks were common. When the U.S. entered the war so did General Patton. Patton was the most skilled and prestigious tank commander at the time. Patton was first deployed to Northern Africa with the 7th army, he fought with British General Bernard Montgomery and the British 8th army. After North Africa, Patton and the 7th army were redesignated to Sicily. After Sicily and the liberation of Italy, Patton was reassigned to the 3rd army in France. Patton commanded the 3rd army from Normandy through the rest of the war including the Battle of the Bulge. General Patton was then appointed Military Governer of Bavaria.

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In Bavaria, General Patton and the 15th army participated in denazification efforts. Four months after the war's end, General Patton was injured in an automobile accident. He died 12 days later, due to his injuries. He was burried in Luxembourg with other soldiers from the Battle of the Bulge.RemembranceGeneral George Patton was known for his fierce determinaton and his great ability to lead soldiers. Patton is considered one of the greatest military leaders in history.General Patton achieved the rank of a 4-star general, which is the highest rank in the U.S. Military during peace. General Patton will always be remebered as one of the greatest Generals of all time.


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    Patton wasn't "victorious" at Cambrai, nor did he lead American and British tanks there. He took no part in the battle. He was 75 miles away. There were no American tanks or American tank troops there. Patton didn't have full command of the U.S. Tank Corps; that was Rockenbach. He was in command of the Light Tank battalions.