[2014] Paughm (pattonfallus1p34): General Lord Charles Cornwalllis

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[2014] Paughm (pattonfallus1p34): General Lord Charles Cornwalllis

I am General Lord Charles Cornwallis and I was born in London England on December 31st, 1738. I began my journey helping in the British Army when I served in the War of Independence with William Howe. I assisted helping the British win at Brandywine, and was later moved up to second in command where I led Britain to victory and achieved my greatest of accomplishments. I recently ended my role as army General when I marched into Yorktown and was forced to surrender. During my years as General my loyalty remained to the British and I was proud to fight as a British General.The Intolerable Acts fisted began when The Americans threw all the tea into the Boston Harbor. As a punishment, the British Parliament closed the Boston Port, and established the Quartering Act and the Quebec Act. In the Quartering Act, The British sent the troops to live with the Americans, this angered them because people came and invade their homes. The Quebec Act expanded Quebec to the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. I believe that the British deserved this because they rebelled against the Parliament by having “The Boston Tea Party”. I feel that the Americans deserved their punishment of the Intolerable Acts, because they should have listened to the British when they decided to tax various items. These taxes were made because America is under the government of England and they had every right to tax goods in America. In addition, America should have known that while they were under British ruling, they would have to give back to the mother country.

The Intolerable Acts

The Intolerable acts started after a rebellion of the colonists called the Boston Tea Party, where they were angered due to the high taxes on tea. In reaction to this act of rebellion, The British parliament issued The Intolerable Acts, which consisted to three acts. First was the Boston Port Act, which was the closing of the Boston Harbor in result to the Boston Tea Party. The Quartering Act followed this which “revised the acts of 1765 - 1766 to permit the belittling of troops with private families”. Lastly was the Quebec Act which extended Quebec to include land stretching to the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, which caused an elimination of colonial land claims in the western areas. All of these three acts together create The Intolerable Acts, which took place in 1774 - 1775.


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General Lord Charles Cornwallis - The Intolerable Acts


The Intolerable Acts

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