General John Bergoyne

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General John Bergoyne

Got a commission in the army but sold his commission in 1741 in a gamble but boought a new one four years later in the War of the Austraian Succession

General John Bergoyne

"be home victorous from America by Christmas Day, 1777

Married Charlotte Stanley even though dissagreement

By Lord Derby (Stanley's father) who took away the financial support

After his defeat:Burgoyne returned to Britainin degradation. After being harassed for his falures by the government, he tried to blame Germain for not ordering Howeto follow his compaign. Unableto clear his name, he moved to the Tories to the Whigs (politicalpartys in Britain). He becamecommander in chief in Ireland, and a privy councillor in the Kingdom of Ireland. A year later,he retired government with his main focus on literary.

Sold comission again because of financial situationCouple travled Europe but moved back to Britain in 1755 and met up with Lord Derbywho helped Burgoyne obtain captaincy in the 11th DragoonsBurgoyne moved to the Coldstream Guardstwo years laterHe played a part in the Seven Years' War asa popular commander.Earned small fame because he captured Valencia de AlcantaraWas elected to Parliament again in 17681769-Named govenor of Fort William, Scotland

American Revolution: leading up to battle of Saratoga:After promoted to maj. general,he started to write plays in his spare time. He wrote the play "The Maid of the Oaks" in 1774. Burgoyne was sent to Boston at the beginning of the American Revolution.Present at the Siege of Boston(American win) but not at Bunker Hill (British bearly win), Burgoyne elected to go back to Britain in Nov. 1775. In the next spring, he leaded a British reinforcement going to Quebec. Burgoyne spent his next streach driving Americans out of Canada under the command of Govener Sir Guy Carleton. Afterthe Battle of Valcour Island, he saied back to get his campaign plans for 1777 approved.See BurgoynesPlan2 file.

John Burgoyne died on June 3, 1792 at his homein London.

The Story Of

Attended Westminster School in London in 1733

Before Revolution

Burgoyne loved to gamble and bet 60 guilders he would win easy peasy

Born in 1722 in Sutton, Bedfordshire, England

Did you Know???Burgoyne wrote lots of plays. He would even have his troops preform them!His most successful was "The Heiress" (1786).

Son of Captain John Burgoyne and wife Anna

Nickname- Gentleman Johnny because he was

so nice to his troops and his fashinable uniforms

John Burgoyne travled very luxuriously. He had several personal wagons storing hisfine clothes, alcohol, and other personal goods.

Go British!!!!!



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