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General Armistead


Lewis Armistead was a good solider and was promoted several times in his miliary career up to the rank of brigadier general.He led his brigade to several victories during the Civil War including Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville.

Lasting Impact

Lewis Armistead fought bravely in the Civil War, but in the end, the South lost and the Union stayed together so that our country remains the United States of America.


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1817 -- Lewis Armistead is born in New Bern, North Carolina1834 -- Enters West Point 1836 -- Resigned from West Point - poor grades / conduct

General Lewis Armistead

Renactment of Armistead's Charge at Gettysburg

July 5, 1863 -- Died in a Federal field hospital

1862 -- Appointed brigadier general in General Pickett's Division of the Army of Northern Virginia

1861 -- Resigned from the US Army

1839 -- Appointed to the regular Army

Lewis A. Armistead was the son of Lieutenant Colonel Walker Keith and Elizabeth Armistead and came from a strong military family.He attended West Point, but his grades were not good and he often got into trouble for his conduct which resulted in his resigning before graduation.

He fought in General Lee's Army of Northern Virginia and was mortally wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863.He is most known for leading his brigade during Pickett's Charge by placing his hat on his sword and stating “Remember what you are fighting for – your homes, your friends, your sweethearts!” He is buried in St. Paul's Cemetary in Baltimore, MD.

Armistead first fought at the Second Seminole War in Florida, but after serving posts at forts for two years, was involved in many battles during he Mexican American War,


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