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Gene Tunney

Biography Gene Tunney was born on May 25, 1898, New York in Greenwhich Village. His real name is James Joseph Tunney. He got his nickname from his sister who called him Gene. He got boxing gloves when he was a kid. Gene learned how to fight on the streets. He was forced to quit school as a teenager. He later joined world war 1. After world war 1, Gene became a heavyweight boxing champion. He won 61 matches and knocked out 45 people. He only lost once to Harry Greb. Married a Polly Lauder. He also had a son named John. Gene died on Nov 7, 1978.

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Gene Tunney

Gene after a injury

Gene Tunney preparing for fight

InterestingsFacts.Gene's son John Tunney became a United States Senator. His stance is orthodox.

ReflectionI learned that Gene Tunney is a great boxer. Who only lost once. I really like this project. It was great.

Gene vs Harry Greb

Gene and Polly his wife.

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Gene Tunney the boxer.


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