Gene Therapy

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Gene Therapy

A vector (gene carrier) is genetically engineered to deliver new genes that infect the cell. The vector can be injected or given by IV onto the specific tissue in the body.A sample of the patient can be later examined in a labratory so later the person can live a healthier life.

Gene Therapy

What is Gene Therapy?



What are the advantages?

The advantages of gene therapy are that it's a good way to assist with uncurable diseases. It also helps children later on in the family tree to be disease free. In addition to this, it gives patients more of a chance at a normal life and could lessen genetic diseases overall among people.

Gene therapy is basically replacing a mutated gene with a healthy copy of that gene.

What are the disadvantages?

Gene therapy has 1 main use; to cure illnesses. It replaces the bad cells with newer, better ones.

How does it work?

What are its uses?

What makes this topic controversial?

Gene therapy is a controversial topic because germ cells/unhealthy cells are targeted. That could affect the person's devolpement. Since gene therapy isn't actally well-known yet, there could be un-expected side effects that science doesn't even know about yet. Also, if this preocedure is done on babies, the child would never have gotten a say in whether or not they wanted gene therapy. Malfunctions could also happen at any time.

Some think its unethical and prenatal tests could lead to an increased number of abortions. Plus if you have a positive result, you have two options, go through with the procedure and have a possibly normal baby, or have a baby with disease.

What are the disadvantages?


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